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Another dress pattern has just joined the Built-in collection over at George + Ginger and it’s the cutest thing!

“ The Orbital Dress is a loose-fit/double-strapped, all-in-one design–featuring a built-in peekaboo bra and detached shorts for maximum support, booty coverage and overall comfort on the go! ”

The silhouette of the dress is adorable and I love how breeze it feels. Perfect for the warm days to come!

A very handy feature in this dress is that even though it’s a mini, it gives us FOUR pockets. Both the shorts and the outer dress feature them.

For my dress I used athletic knit for the bra and shorts and cotton lycra for the dress. I think it worked perfectly and can’t wait till it’s actually warm enough to wear it out!

Dutch weather has been… trying. But I better not get started on that because the will to rant about it is real 😅

The details are the stars of this dress.

I love the peekaboo bra and double straps. And the fact that the bra and dress are attached means there’s no shuffling of layers when moving around—a huge bonus in my book.

The dress is quite short, but that’s easily remedied if a short mini isn’t your vibe. Kristi even made it into a maxi! Check the Facebook group to see how stunning it is.

As mentioned above, the shorts on this dress are separate but feature the same awesome details as the bodysuit in the other versions—no center seams and fantastic side pockets.

Bathroom breaks are less nekkid with this one. Haha

Oh, and on the other side of adding length to the dress, you could also easily shorten it to a top length. I 100% plan on doing this for an upcoming trip we have where a dress will be a little less convenient to wear.

As usual, there are so many options and fun possibilities with these patterns.

If you’d like to check the dress out, and maybe grab it, here’s a direct link to it:

ORBITAL DRESS (today is the last day to grab it with 25% off)

Hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!!

xxx, Livia

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