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Aventure V-neck Tee – Color Blocked

Life has been getting in the way of blogging lately,  so I’ve accumulated quite a bit to show you guys! 🙂

This is the Boys Adventure V-neck Tee by Petite Stitchery. We absolutely love it!
The shirt has a great fit and is quite easy and fast to make. The only part that the absolute beginner might have a bit of a challenge is the V-neck, but the instructions are pretty easy to follow.

The boy is absolutely in love with this burger fabric, I bought it at Stof-inc a while ago and this was the perfect pattern to use it with!

Short but sweet post… not a lot of extra observations on this one, it’s simple to make and a great fit! A keeper for sure!

BOYS ADVENTURE V-NECK TEE – Petite Stitchery & Co


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