Drama Dress

Drama Dress

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to make a Drama Dress! It’s been on my list for so long.

There’s a reason why this dress is one of the most popular GG patterns. It’s such a chameleon dress. The different options allow you to get so many looks from one pattern.

I had trouble figuring out what option skirt to use, Full or Slim. At the end I decided to go for the full skirt, I can always trim it down if I want to, right? 😉

Second problem I had what deciding between a pattern mash I had in mind or just sticking to the original Drama Dress options.

Well, the day I was sewing I was feeling cold and the hack involved a deep back, so cute Peter Pan collar it was! haha Plus, I don’t think this sweater knit would hold the back the way I wanted it to… So the Bowlicious Drama goes back to the TO DO list!

The only mod/adjustment I made to the pattern is cutting the sleeves between short and 3/4 lengths and doubling the height of the cuffs.

I also omitted the pockets. I usually do with knit dresses because I can do without the extra fabric bulk around my hips.

I love the freedom of movement this dress gives me! It’s flowy, but it has enough fabric/weight to keep it in place so I don’t flash anyone. 😀

I also tried it with a small belt and love the look!
I placed it both under the bust and at the waist. And will definitely be wearing it both ways.

Ok, so under bust might be my favorite… 🙂

Even though I love this full skirt version, I still wanted to see how the Slim one would look like, so I pinned the excess fabric to the front and back, alternately.

And now I’m more confused than ever!
Should I stick to the full skirt? Or should I trim it down to the Slim skirt?
This doubt is the reason I didn’t completely finish my hem yet… I don’t know what to do!
I don’t have any more of this fabric, otherwise I’d make another one! (yep, this is how bad I am at making decisions! lol)

Help me out, hive mind! Which one?

I’m probably just overthinking this and should cut another one, making it Slim skirt this time… right? There are never enough Drama Dresses, right? Right? lol

Want to get some good kind of Drama in your life as well?

DRAMA DRESS – George+Ginger


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