Rebecca Page

Emma + Arabella

Isn’t it great when a project turns out exactly how you imagined or hoped it would be?

I have a long-standing love for the Emma Dress and for the Arabella Skirt, both by Rebecca Page.
When the Arabella skirt was released I bought this floral silk satin thinking it would be perfect for it, but since I don’t have that many occasions to wear such a piece, it stayed in the back burner. So when my brother announced he was getting married, I just knew what I was going to sew! The Emma top seemed to me like an obvious choice to accompany it… a match made in heaven!

I was so happy to find this Micro Satin in the perfect shade! Both fabrics come from the local fabric store (I just love that place! :D).

I made the skirt following the waist measurement and didn’t grade out for the hips. I choose for the tall waistband and omitted the pockets this time around.

Both patterns are beginner friendly and don’t require special techniques. If you can gather, you’re good to go! 😉




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