Eximia Sweater

Eximia Sweater Women

Sofilantjes just released the Eximia Sweater and it’s fantastic! 
It has a tulip-like front, a drop shoulder, and a relaxed fit, making it perfect to layer on top of a fitted cami or top. Another option (my favorite) is to pair it with some high waisted pants or skirts.

The Eximia comes in three different lenghts

  • Short length (cropped in front);
  • Medium length (just below the belly button in front);
  • Long length (at crotch length in front);
  • Sleeve options are 3/4 and long.

I made the Short length with 3/4 sleeves using a sweater knit. I love this thing!!

I’m not likely to wear it as a crop top without a cami, dress or high waisted bottom with it, but wanted to illustrate the length and look as is. But who knows? This sweater knit is lightweight enough to be worn during the summer days… 😉 

I love that the crop length is only on the front, it’s like a reverse mullet! Party on the front and business on the back! Ha! 😀

This is a really fast sew and beginner friendly! The construction is fun and a bit different than usual… love that!

I used a plain grey sweater knit for the bottom panel as an accent. Another fun trait of the pattern, it’s so easy to customize and have some fun with it.

Christmas is around the corner and this would make a great gift for all the women in our lives, in all ages, sizes, and shapes! It’s so flattering and practical!



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