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How are you all doing??

How’s everyone doing? Holding up ok?

Here we are all healthy and safe inside and for that, I’m very grateful.
My husband is able to keep working remotely and the schools are doing a great job with the online lessons.

We’ve been following the rules and doing our part to help flatten the curve. In all honesty, staying inside isn’t a big hardship for us. We’re for the most part, a staying in kind of family.

But I must confess that I’m having ups and downs…
I somehow can’t get myself in a rhythm and feel scatterbrained half of the time. Menno and the kids are dealing with it better than I am.

On weekdays all three of them have their regular work and school activities and I seem to float around, half doing things here and there.

I feel like I should be thankful for having a ton of family time, but we are 3 weeks in and I’m reaaaaally missing my alone times. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in that, right? 😉

I have to get out of this funk, so I’ve decided to make the extra effort to be more productive and that will start with catching up with the blog and Instagram.
So if you wonder… Wow, Livia is getting os much sewing and crafting done these days! Know that nope, I’m just really behind on sharing everything. 😉

I hope you are all safe and healthy.
We will get through this together!

Lots of love you and yours!


*PS: the image isn’t mine. I couldn’t find the original source, so if anyone knows it please let me know so I can properly credit it? <3

PPS: I didn’t proofread this… If there are a ton of mistakes and/or I’ve made no sense, please excuse the aforementioned scattered brain. 😛

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