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Juliet, oh Juliet!

“Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!
For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.”
(Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet)

I, like Romeo, am in love with Juliet.
But not with the Capulet maiden, I’m head over heels for Juliet the leotard pattern!:)
Petite Stitchery just released the Women’s Juliet and I couldn’t be happier!
My ‘growing-too-fast-for-my-liking ballerina daughter’ outgrew the kids size 12  so all I could do was drool over the gorgeous creations at Petite Stitchery & Co Fans and bawl that I couldn’t make one for her.
And now because Kelsey is amazing, I can! *happy dance time*
So, of course, I started out by making my daughter one. It’s a  straight size XS (removed 2″ of length) and it fits her perfectly! She wanted to have leg bands for modesty since it was a bit high cut on her due to the difference in body shape (kid vs woman).
After that, the selfish sewing spirit took over and I made one for myself, then another one and another one… And then, after that, I had to make a circle skirt to match all 3 Juliets. Did I mention that the Juliet comes with a Circle Skirt pattern? How fantastic is that? A full outfit in just one pattern!
First I started off with one to match hers, because Mommy&Me are FUN! 😀
My Juliet is size XL, with the front graded to XXL and the back graded to 1XL. I also needed to add 3,5″ to the length because I’m tall and have a long torso, so my trunk girth was literally off the chart! lol
The second Juliet I made is my favorite! I’ve been hoarding this scuba/neoprene since forever and I’m so glad I did!
I lined it with a thin white swim fabric and together they’re perfection! It’s so comfortable, it has my favorite sleeve length (3/4) and I’ll be able to rock it in spring because it’s a kind of mesh. Love love love it!
I paired it with the Circle Skirt included in the pattern, and together they’re the perfect pair! The pattern is for a fold over waistband but because I’m a tiny bit obssessed with high waists, I tried it on like that as well. I’m really happy with both ways, yay for versatility!
The third one is sleeveless and reversible. I used Scuba Crêpe for the red side and the flowers side is a mystery 4way stretch. I really love how colorful and cheerful it is! The only problem with it is that I accidentally cut the back against the grain and it’s snugger than the other ones. Won’t keep me from wearing it though! lol
To say I’m in love with this pattern is a huge understatement!
I’m in trouble… In my mind, I need at least 6 other combos! 😀
And while you’re there, check out their new patterns as well, the Emerson Top and Maya Top. They’re both on my to sew list!!!
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