Knotty Shorts

I love my new shorts!
They look so cute and sassy and are so comfortable to wear that I feel like I’m cheating and wearing my PJs as clothes! 😀

I used the new Halla Patterns, Knotty Pants.
It’s such a cool pattern! Pants that you can wear three ways, getting 3 different looks with the ease of tying a knot. Too clever, isn’t it?

The pattern comes with a few options:

  • Basic hemmed or hem tie shorts
  • Full length, wide leg hemmed pant
  • Tie the bottom of the full-length pants to make them into joggers
  • No-elastic knit waistband, with regular and fold over options
  • Mid rise and low rise options
  • Scoop front pockets

I made the low-rise, Hem Tie Shorts, with regular waistband and scoop pockets.
Size 20 with size 14/16 waistband.

The fabric is a French Terry that I have zero recollection of where I got it (shameful, I know!), the waistband is ribbing (boordstof) and leg ties are CL (katoen tricot).

Even though I feel I need at least half a dozen more of these, my next one needs to be the pants! I’m just drooling over the ones I’ve seen so far. The fabric I ordered for it arrived, but it’s a lot thinner than I anticipated (the bumps and lumps need something studier lol), so I’ll need to get something else for it.

The tank I’m wearing is the Marbella by NH Designs.

Ready and willing to get Knotty? 😉

KNOTTY PANTS – Halla Patterns


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