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Marbella Bordeaux

I’m so happy that I finally found galloon lace wide enough to make this back option of the Marbella!

I got a lot of questions about wearing a bra with the Marbella… Being part of the itty-bitty-titty-committee I can get away with no bra, but I know for most of my sewing sisters it ain’t so. This back option is perfect to wear a bra underneath and still rock the Marbella’s lace back! Even better if you combine it with the shelf bra hack posted on the NH’s blog.

This time around I found it a bit tricky to hem the lace because I didn’t have serger thread to match this color and being lace, you can see the thread underneath. I used wondertape and hemmed it using a twin needle (you can still see the tape because I was too enthusiastic to show it to you, so I didn’t wash it before taking photos :D)

The fabric I used is regular CL , and I must confess that using other fabrics for my previous Marbellas, I found this one a bit… meh. I LOVE the lace back, but from the front it’s a bit too bland maybe?

All I know is that I’ll definitely repeat this back option for sure, but will probably get matching serger thread the next time. 😉

MARBELLA TANK – New Horizons Designs


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  1. Maaike says:

    Very nice!! You inspired me!
    Can you help me by telling where you buy the nice “kant” .. and then in combination with the exact color of tricot? I’m searching for it . Made 1 marbella top now and also in love. But I would like to make some more in matching colors.

    1. admin says:

      Hi Maaike,
      Thank you! Isn’t Marbella lovely?
      This, in particular, I bought at a small local shop in Oss… thinking about it, the light blue one is also from there.
      The black lace comes from (they have nice colors there).

      1. Maaike says:

        Great! Thanks! Lucky for me Oss isn’t too far away. I will check the Stoffenspektakel first tomorrow! 🙂

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