Phat Quarters

Alderwood Cowl Pullover

I was very fortunate to be able to test a pattern for a new-to-me company, Phat Quarters and I’m so impressed with them!

The Alderwood Cowl is an unissex pullover and so many interesting details that makes it interesting from all angles.

It has a super cool split cowl, lots of color block details and the options of short or long sleeves with 3 different finishing options: simple hem, simple cuff or the FANTASTIC color blocked thumbhole cuff.

How cool are they???

I had signed up to make one for my son, but as soon as it was ready my daughter was ready to claim it as hers! 😀 So, to avoid an Alderwood Cowl war in the house, I immediately made one for her as well!

I had some fun matching their pullover colors and make the twins twin! Haven’t done that since they were babies and quite unexpectedly, they loved it!

Once again… this mama is jealous of her kids’ outfits! I’d LOVE to have an Alderwood too!

If you, like me, is new to the Phat Quarter’s patterns, make sure to check them out HERE. They have a ton of cute and fun patterns for kids!




  1. Florence Taylor says:

    Love it!! Gemia is amazing and Wendy is phenomenal. I love Phat Quarters.
    I love what you created.

    1. Thanks, babe!
      Yes, totally agree, they are amazing!!!

  2. These looks are absolutely amazing. So glad they like them because they look great. Nice work mom!

    1. Thank you so much, Wendy!
      It’s a fantastic pattern!!! <3

  3. Gemia Carroll says:

    I just love your versions! I knew they looked alike but I had no idea that they were twins! Don’t tell but I thought your daughter was older. That yellow knit fabric…does it have writing on it? It is way cool! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Gemia!
      haha Lucas is 1 minute older, but Samantha is 1cm taller at the moment 😀
      The yellow fabric says “Kindness is Always Fashionable”, I actually bought it for myself, but the girl claimed it as soon as she saw it! 😉

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