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A little while ago my daughter had a school party with the theme: Proud to be Goud! (goud is gold in Dutch and it rhymes with proud)

The party was at school and was pretty casual, and so, the perfect opportunity to make her an Amelia shirt from Annelaine Patterns. She’s been wanting one ever since I’ve made mine 😀

The only real gold fabric I was able to find within the timeframe we had was this sequined knit. Party perfect, right? lol

I had to line both front and back panels so it wouldn’t be itch or scratchy when worn.

I really love how this turned out!
A casual pattern with a “glamour” fabric makes for a fun and interesting piece, doesn’t it?

The pattern options chosen were: Subtle cold shoulder with the Hi-Lo hem.

The shirt was a hit and she had a blast at the party dubbing as a second disco ball haha! Sequined Amelia won me some good mama points! <3

AMELIA SHIRT – Annelaine Pattern


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  1. Mooi geworden!! Ze zal er vast blij mee zijn!

    Groetjes Thea♥

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