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Boho Spirit – Maxi

When I first saw the Boho Spirit I was SUPER INTIMIDATED by all that shirring!
I’ve never done it before and that elastic thread in the bobbin just sounded scary… 😮

But as we can’t let our fears rule our lives… I got some elastic thread and went for it! Aaaaaand, my first thought was: Why was I “afraid” of this? 😀

It can get a bit tedious, but it’s not difficult and nothing to be intimidated by!

I just LOOOOVE this dress!

I went for the maxi length with shorts sleeves and shirred with a 3/8″ distance between rows.

Ok, little storytime break:
When I had it on for the first time my husband saw it and said: “Wow, pretty dress!”, then the saw the leg slit and said: ” NICE dress!”. 😀

It’s a little surprise! 😉

But if the slit isn’t for you, it’s an easy fix to just tack it down a bit or eliminated it completely.
I have to say that when walking during a windy day the slit did fly open a bit, not enough to flash anyone (thank goodness lol), but it did open. Something to keep in mind when deciding what to do! 😉

In case you’re wondering if you can lift your arms while wearing the Boho Spirit, yes you can! 😉

The shirring may take a while to get done, but aside from that it’s a simple and easy dress to make!

BOHO SPIRIT – Ellie and Mac



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