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Calgary Cardigan

Calgary Cardigan – New Horizons

From comfort to style, the Calgary Cardigan takes you from the office to everyday comfort wear. Choose from 13 different looks! From chic to cozy, all your needs will be met!

This description from the New Horizons website couldn’t be more accurate. The Calgary Cardigan is absolutely amazing!

It’s cozy, it’s stylish and it has a ton of options. It’s a complete package!

I don’t know if the image is very readable. My eyesight is going south as fast as my grey hairs are popping up, so I’m not sure if it’s only me who has to do a bit of squinting to read it… Let me break it down for you jic! πŸ˜€

4 collar options

  • Square
  • Short (folds stops at under bust)
  • Long (fold goes all the way to the hem)
  • Standard

3 lengths

  • Hip
  • Tunic
  • Knee


  • pockets
  • button closure

A couple of things…

  • Square collar is only available in knee length
  • Pockets are not available with the Hip length (but there’s a hack for it on NH’s blog!)
  • you won’t be able to make only one! πŸ˜›

As soon as I saw the line drawing I knew I wanted to make a knee-length! So this was my first Calgary: Knee-length, Tall collar.

It’s graded from size 8 to size 16 at the hips and I added 2″ to the length for my height.

TIP!!! Do NOT forget to add/remove length from the front collar pieces as well!!

Fabric I used is a fleece-backed FT with a foil print. It’s just so beautiful, and cozy, and warm. LOVE IT!

I opted for no pockets because, personally, I’m not really a big fan of inseam pockets. they usually add bulk to my widest point and I don’t find it really flattering on me.

I may try my hand at hacking some other pockets into it, but I’m not sure yet. As I also choose to always wear it open (no button closure) I can easily use my pants pockets for what’s needed.

As soon as I saw the tester photos come in I fell head over hills in love with their hip-length cardis. It like a mix of a cozy sweater and a blazer. Feel cozy and look put together at once? Yes please!

For this one I chose a buttery soft sweater knit I’d been hoarding for a while. I was already thrilled with the grey Calgary, but when I finished with this one I was over the moon excited.

I had to play a little fabric Tetris as I didn’t have quite enough of it. My back band had to be cut 2 mirrored instead of in the fold, but as the fabric is ribbed, the seam isn’t too visible.

Because this length doesn’t have to entirely wrap around my hips, I graded it to a size 14 instead of 16.

Isn’t that wide curved hem just gorgeous? <3

When I applied for this test I explicitly asked to not be assigned the Square Collar. I was so excited about the wide bands, I thought that this option would be just a regular waterfall cardi.

Oh was I wrong!
When I started seeing the photos coming in, my first thought was: What was I thinking? This is amazing!

This is another fabric that has been waiting just for the right project! It’s a double-layered knit, the mustard side is fleece and the grey side is sweater knit. This thing is super soft and warm!

I love how the heavyweight fabric gave structure to the cardigan and how it gives it an almost coat look. The perfect transition piece for when it’s not cold enough for a real coat anymore!

And you know what’s great? This is a fast and easy sew!!!
Isn’t it amazing that such an impressive item can be the result of an easy, beginner-friendly pattern?

Calgary has all my love forever! I’m sure I’ll be wearing these and making more year-round.

CALGARY CARDIGAN – New Horizons Designs


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  1. Jeetje, jij gaat echt hard zeg, ik zie het ene na het andere project van jou voorbij komenπŸ˜ƒ. En ook dit vest is weer ontzettend leuk. Het staat je ook weer geweldig!

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