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Casual Royalty & Athena

Sew Loretsy
Athena Tank – New Horizons

Princesses and Goddesses, no wonder I’m obsessed with this top!

Let’s start by this AMAZING panel!
Sew Loretsy has the Casual Royalty now in pre-order and the entire collection is so FUN!

Mulan is one of my favorite princesses and this Mushu inspired panel makes my dragon-loving heart sing!

Guys, the quality of this CL is so fantastic! I was blown away!
I love the how deep and vibrant the colors are and that watercolor-ish effect of the background.

To pair the fabric with New Horizon’s new Athena Tank was perfection.

Somehow I think that the back detail worked so well with the theme of it all.

This is the Back option 3 with the crew neck.
Personally I prefer the scoop neck but the cute dragon asked for more space on the front of the top and deserved it! 😉

This back option is so stunning!
I did one modification to the pattern this time. I added a shelf bra to the front panel. I’m a member of IBTC, so as long as I have some sort of double layered support, I’m good. lol

Ok, so I’ve been trying to be good and not spend too much on fabric… But Sew Loretsy’s Casual Royalty is really tempting my resolution. I really need those other panels in my life! And I have a girl here pouting because she wanted Mushu for herself. Mean, mean mommy!

Have you checked them out yet? What’s your favorite?


ATHENA TANK – New Horizons


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