Doris Skirt – Adults!

Doris Adult Skirt – Misusu Patterns

Oh Happy Day!!!
Elles, the designer behind Misusu Patterns, just made my dream come true: Doris Skirt for adults!

Every since the Doris skirt was released I’ve been wanting one for myself. Samantha has a bunch of them and every time she wore one I’d secretly pout on the inside. lol

And now I don’t have to anymore, because now I can have alllll the Doris skirts I want! Woot!

If you haven’t been introduced to this amazing skirt yet, let me do the honors.

Adult Doris follows the same style lines as the kids’ version, with a few added options.
It features a gorgeous high waisted, cross over waistband and diagonal side seams, staying true to the geometric and origami style that Misusu is known and loved for.

The pattern options include:

  • three lengths: mini, knee and midi;
  • optional pockets;
  • optional back yoke;
  • mini can be banded or hemmed;
  • optional back vent for midi length.

This first one is the mini length, with pockets and no back yoke, made with Ponte. I love it so much!!!

Just like any other pattern, I had to grade this one and at a first glance you may think it would be difficult to grade due to the unusual pattern pieces, but it truly isn’t hard at all. Elles has AMAZING instructions and it makes the process a piece of cake.

Waist CC, hips GG and the skirt fits like a glove!

The sewing process of the Doris is different than your regular skirt and I love that! It’s interesting but still easy. FUN!!

My second Doris is a bit dressier and has a more va-va-voom feel to it (or at least I think so haha).

This one is Midi length, no back yoke, no pockets and with a back vent.
I’m taller than the pattern is intended for and forgot to adjust it for height, so it’s a bit shorter than it’s supposed to be.

Sewing friends, this skirt is sooooo comfortable to wear, and paired with my Clara wrap top (Greenstyle Creations), it makes for one killer outfit, doesn’t it?

The Doris is also fantastic to do some color blocking and having fun with it, not to mention that it’s a great way to use all those scraps we all have laying around somewhere in our sewing rooms.

Doris is a definite staple in any skirt lover’s wardrobe!
Honestly, to me, it’s the one skirt to rule them all. It’s different, it’s unique, it’s gorgeous, it’s flattering, it has tons of options and can be made for pretty much any occasion. Need I say more? 😉

DORIS ADULT SKIRT – Misusu Patterns


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  1. deborah Ingelrelst says:


  2. Elles says:

    Va-va-voom indeed! Gorgeous as always! Thank you for this great review! XO Elles

  3. I’m so glad you posted the SIU bra in Facebook. I’d been wondering what top that was with the Doris skirt on the pattern’s website. I recognized your face but didn’t know your name. Now, I can stalk all your makes! What fabrics did you use for the black and white version? Thank you!

    1. haha Thank you so much!
      That black and white one is made with jacquard knit 😉

      1. Ah! I’ve yet to buy/feel/sew any of that fabric. I appreciate your quick reply!

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