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Macey Crossover Sweater – Petite Stitchery

It’s sweater weather and PSCO is making it FUN!
They just released 2 new sweater patterns and Macey is one of them.

It’s a crossover front, tulip style, with a ton of fun options. Just perfect for fall.

  • 3 lengths: top, tunic and dramatic;
  • 3 sleeve lengths: short, 3/4 and long;
  • 2 cuff options: regular and thumb cuff
  • 4 neckline options: regular, shoulder shrug, hood and cowl;
  • the cowl can be simple or split;
  • optional inseam pockets;
  • and you can choose if your crossover starts at the shoulder or at the side seam.

Phew! How fantastic is that?

I’ve been dreaming of this sweater for a long time. The PSCO testers have been bugging the Ashleys for so long asking for this pattern and I’m so excited they caved! haha

Here are the ones I’ve made.

1 – Sweater Knit

Right of the bat I new I knew I needed the Shoulder Shrug option. I used this sweater knit that I’ve been hoarding for a long time and it was so perfect for it!

The options I chose were:

  • Dramatic length;
  • Shoulder Shrug;
  • Long sleeves;
  • Regular cuff;
  • Crossover from shoulder

I couldn’t love this one any more. It’s exactly what I wanted it to be!
Cozy, trendy, comfy and not run-of-the-mill.

I was so excited about it and I immediately made another!

2 – Ponte Jersey

I usually try to make the same patterns using different options for varation sake, but I was too much in love with the previous one to not repeat it.

The only difference between the two, is that this one has the Crossover from the side seam. That makes the crossover less pronounced, or more closed.

I like both options, but my heart leans a liiiiittle bit torwards the shoulder crossover.

I must say that out of the 3 that I made so far, this is the coziest Macey. I’ve been wearing it non-stop because it’s oh so comfortable and the fabric is super soft.

I might need to order more of it and make other variations of Macey to keep the coziness vibe forever! 😉

3 – Rayon Knit

Because of how it’s constructed this pattern is ideal for some colorblocking and scrap busting. This top length with short sleeves was perfect for me to use up the last bits of this fabric.

  • top length;
  • short sleeves;
  • regular neckline;
  • crossover from shoulder.

This is such a fun and cute variation. It’s also proof that Macey is not limited to Fall. Yay for an all year round pattern!

I already have a 4th one done but haven’t gotten the chance to photograph it yet. I’ll add it to this post once I do.

Want you get your Macey on as well?
Here’s the pattern link 😉


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