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Kate from Pattern Emporium did it again!
Came out with a pattern that I get immediately addicted to and can’t stop making.

The Unwind already dominates my closet and now the Palazzo Pants are going to give it a run for its money. 😛

The Palazzo pants are based on the Sashay Shorts.
People (me included) kept hacking it into culottes and pants, so Kate decided to turn it into an actual pattern to simplify things for us.

The pattern is super easy and fast to make and comes with multiple options, in good PE style.

I really can’t say enough how much I love this one.
Even my leggings and jeans loving teenager begged me to make her one and even browsed the fabric website to choose the fabric she wanted.

Sit down, grab a drink and popcorn and let me show you the 6 pairs I’ve made so far 😉

For reference: I’m 5’10” but don’t have particularly long legs. I carry my heigh on my torso.

1 – Poly Jersey

  • Dramatic leg;
  • High waist;
  • Yoga waistband (highest option);
  • Jean style pocket round;
  • Full length regular;
  • size 12 graded to 18

This one is a dream to wear.
The one thing that I’ll adjust is to add elastic to the waistband. The fabric isn’t stable enough to securely hold the pants in place without it.
They don’t fall down or anything, but I’ll feel more secure having an elastic there. 😉

Also, the dramatic leg in this drapey fabric is swish heaven!

I made a cropped Game On top to go with it and love how it paired up.

Game On is another favorite and I just realized that I never blogged about it. Have to rectify that asap as I have a few in my closet and love all of them.

As I mentioned above, I carry my height on my torso and not my legs but these pants gives the illustion I have legs for days and I’m here for it!

2 – Scuba Crepe

  • Subtle leg;
  • high waist;
  • yoga band;
  • jean pocket round;
  • full length regular;
  • size 12 graded to 18

Scuba crepe is one of my ultimate favorite fabrics to work with. It has body and holds shape well like scuba and still has the drape and weight quality of crepe.

I’m always fascinated at how fabrics behave. This subtle leg looks almost more dramatic than the Dramatic one above, doesn’t it?

For the crop top I used the Going Places dress pattern.
I managed to squeeze this entire set out of 2m of fabric with some expert level game of pattern tetris. lol It was so close that I didn’t have enough fabric to hem the top so I just finished it with some binding and it turned out pretty cute. 😀

All I need now is a Tropical getaway to take this outfit to its deserved surroundings! 😉

3 – Poly Jersey

  • Dramatic leg;
  • high waist;
  • jean pocket round;
  • elastic waistband;
  • culotte tall;
  • size 12 graded to 18.

I love culotte length pants!
Why? Honestly, no idea… I just do.
When it’s warm they’re perfect to wear with slippers or sneakers and when the cold hits culottes and high boots are my jam.

I got to wear this quite a bit when it was still warm, and now I’ll be wearing them alll the time inside the house becasue they’re the comfiest ever!

When my daughter saw this one she tried to steal it from my body but my hips saved me! Too big for her. LOL

So she went browsing for fabric so she could have one as well, as you do. 😀

4 – Poly Jersey

  • Subtle leg;
  • High waist;
  • Elastic waisband;
  • Foxy pockets;
  • 3/4 length tall;
  • straight size 12.
  • She’s 5’6″

When she first picked this fabric my first thought was “what is she thinking?”. But I guess I deserved the I-told-you-so I got from her when the pants were done becasue they turned out pretty cute!

And the important thing is that she’s happy with them and that makes mine safe from teenager sticky fingers! HA!

I love the foxy pockets and regret not making one for myself with that option. But I guess that’s easily remedied, right? 😉

5 – Another Poly Jersey

  • Subtle leg;
  • high waist;
  • elastic waistband;
  • wide contrast pocket;
  • culotte tall;
  • size 12 graded to 18.

I had other plans for this fabric but when I saw the wide contrast pocket option I just knew it needed to become another palazzo.

But before I go on about the pants, can I just pause a little to toot my own horn?

Check out this pattern matching!!
I’m pretty chuffed with myself, I must say.
I forgot to photograph, but the back matches just as well 😀

Ok, back to our regular program! 😉

I made these with comfy lounging pants in mind.
I listen to music and audiobooks all day when I’m at home and the deep pockets are perfect for carrying my phone and having it stay put while I go about my activities.

Pink isn’t really my go to color and I thought this print wouldn’t be very flattering but the more I looked at it, the more I fell in love with it.

Pretty cute for running arrends around town or a casual day out with a white tee and sneakers!

And even with heels on!
Turns out my pink pants will be going around way more than I had previously anticipated. haha

6 – HACK in Scuba Crepe

  • Subtle leg;
  • High waist;
  • jean pocket round;
  • full length regular;
  • size 12 graded to 18;
  • yoga waistband doubled in height;
  • added straps.

This is a hack that I had in mind ever since Kate announced the Palazzo test. I’ve always wanted to have something in this style.

Dramatic legs, super high-waisted, and suspenders.
It has a vintage-y feel to me… I just love it!

I wanted to have buttons running from along the pocket opening all the way to the top meeting the suspenders, but gave up on this idea for this specific one because it was too busy on the stripes.

But be on the look out for another pair WITH the buttons because it’s definitely coming!

My daughter hated this one and said it’s a clown suit.
Don’t you love how teenage tongues have no break? lol
What do you think? Is it a clown-suit or a vintage-y homage?

Well, that’s it for my Palazzos for now!
I’ll keep updating this post as I make more. <3

PALAZZO PANTS – Pattern Emporioum


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  1. Bronwen says:

    Love the Hack!! My 15year old daughter wants me to make her a pair, no clown pant comments from her 🙂

    1. Ah, that’s awesome to hear! Thanks!
      Definitely showing Samantha your comment haha

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