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Women’s Fairweather Trousers

Paperbag pants are so in trend right now, and now, after making one I understand why.

It’s such a charming style!
I was on the fence about it because I wasn’t sure if it would suit me or not, but soon became a fan.

That’s due to the new Fairweather Trousers from Petite Stitchery:

Ashley has outdone herself with this one. Look at all those options!

  • Pant, Capri and Short lengths;
  • Tapered, Slim or Wide legs;
  • Patch or Inseam pockets;
  • Optional Cuff and tabs;
  • Overalls.

All the options work for all the lengths. Isn’t that amazing?

The options I chose were:

  • Shorts;
  • Tapered legs;
  • Patch Pockets

These are a size M waist and XL hips and I have no problems pulling them up. WOOT! (my pear fellows know the struggle 😉 ).

The halter top I’m wearing is the Women’s Be Trendy Halter by Ellie and Mac (FREE PATTERN ALERT!).

The Be Trendy is another loved summer staple. I omitted the band on this one so I could wear tucked in the shorts without extra volume.

I’m obsessed with this fabric and color combo! It’s so fresh, happy and summery, isn’t it?

Oh, btw… my daughter placed a sticker tattoo on my shoulder if you were wondering 😛 (Fellow Dutchies, do you have little AH tattoo artists at home as well? )


BE TRENDY HALTER – Ellie and Mac


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