Kristi from George+Ginger Patterns will be showing at NYFW this weekend, how amazing is that?

A bunch of group members is going to NY to meet up and support her. Oh, how I wish I could be going as well… what an amazing weekend these ladies are going to have!!!  Since I can’t, I decided to do a round up of my George+Ginger makes as a little sign of my support! 🙂

Kriti’s patterns always have a touch of originality and an out of the box sprinkle. I freakin’ love that!

Here are some of my G+G makes that I absolutely LOVE:

  1. Crop Top (pattern retired) + Heat Wave Hot Pants
  2. Rave Shirt + Riot Skirt
  3. Road Trip Bodysuit + Day Trip Skirt
  4. Sincerely Sawyer Sweater
  5. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  6. Posh Top
  7. Posh Top
  8. Sincerely Sawyer Sweater
  9. Mood Dress
  10. Traverse Tee
  11. RuLo Top
  12. Rebel Choker Tee
  13. Rebel Choker Tee
  14. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  15. Mood Dress
  16. Sincerely Rylee Dress
  17. Slash Tunic
  18. Road Trip Bodysuit

So thank you, Kristi, for keeping my wardrobe fresh and me feeling like a babe when wearing your clothes!
Take New York by storm and enjoy every second of it! You got this, girl!



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