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Layne Dolman

Layne Dolman – Petite Stitchery

Layne is part of this month’s capsule at Petite Stitchery and available for only $4 until the end of the month.

It’s such a cute and fast sew. A true must-have!

I’m a big fan of a good Dolman top.
It’s such an easy and fast sew, gotta love that!

Layne has 3 length options: Crop, Top and Tunic and the choice of 2 sleeves: Short (banded) or Long (cuffed), and the fun thing about it is that it’s easy to mix and match lengths for a hi-lo top.

I used a quilted FT for mine and love how structured it is.
I chose to make it short sleeved and used the crop length for the front and the top length for the back.

It’s kind of like a mullet top! ha!

A little before quarantine started I got myself a Cricut machine and discovered how much I love weeding vinyl and htv.

Cutting and weeding intricate mandala/zentangle designs have been such a great way to relax for me. Now I have a ton of it ready but no concrete use for them… haha

These are just some of them:

This Layne was looking a bit boring, so it was the perfect opportunity to use one of my favorite SVG designs.

This Sunflower Zentanble by True North Images is so pretty!

Sunflower - A Zentangle SVG Cut File example image 1

I used a Holographic HTV from Siser and love how extra it is. 😉

I love the curved hemline of the top and decided to use that and offset the sunflower design and when I saw the leftover piece I thought that it was a waste to throw it away and in an a-ha moment I realized that it fit perfectly around the neckline. 😀

I’m so IN LOVE with how this turned out! <3

I had so many plans to make all the Layne Dolmans as humanly possible, but somehow July got away from me.

July is usually a bit busy due to the last weeks of school, and we have 3 important birthdays and our anniversary all close to each other. But this year things just overwhelmed me more than usual…

Only now I’m getting myself back in gear and trying to play catch up (again!) with all the things. I feel this is the recurring theme of this year…

If you also love a good dolman top and/or would like to have this gorgeous sunflower design in your life, there are the links 😉

LAYNE DOLMAN – Petite Stitchery & Co
SUNFLOWER DESIGNS\ – True North Images via Design Bundles


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