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Little Black Bra (formerly known as Lovesick) – George+Ginger

Good news!
G+G’s most popular free pattern has received an overhaul and is now more amazing then ever.

The Lovesick is now called the Little Black Bra.

It’s now available in the full size range, from tween 12 to 5XL, and features individual cup sizes, from A to H.

In addition to that, it now has 2 band options (slim and crop top), and there’s a much-requested Video tutorial. The pattern is now available on the website and you can grab it for FREE with the code found in the video.

I played with different fabrics and options and they all turned out great! On LBB for each occasion/need!

1 – Jersey Pique, crop band.

I live in the Netherlands and we have different types and different nomenclature for fabrics, but I believe this one is like a bullet liverpool in the US… maybe? Not sure.

This one is so comfortable! I used the same fabric both for main and lining and I just don’t want to take it off.

I really love the crop band, it makes it possible to be worn both as a bra or a top when paired with high-waisted bottoms, like my trusty and loved Campfire.

The LBB is super easy to customize if you so wish. It would, for example, look super cute with multiple straps, or just criss-crossing them on the back.

2 – Ponte, crop band

The ponte I used is pretty sturdy with an amazing recovery, so this one has a snugger fit than the previous one. I lined the cups with a lighterweight jersey so it wouldn’t be too tight and I love the result… it gives me a tiny bit of a cleavage so I get the illusion that I have boobs. lol

Next time I’ll probably either use a different fabric for the band, or size one up. Even though it’s comfortable and looks great, it’s snug enough for me not to want to lounge all day in it, kwim?

3 – Jersey Pique, slim band, lowered front

For this one I lowered the center front to 1″, like Kristi mentions in her video.

This one is lined with same ponte from the previous one.

I really really love this one! It’s comfy and supportive at the same time due to the mix of fabrics.

4 – Swim, slim band, lowered front and lowered side

The perfect swim top!!
Even though I hated sewing darts on swim, it’s oh-so-worth it!

Again, following Kristi’s tips from the video, I lowered the center front to 1″ as the previous one and shaved 1″ from the side seam.

Such easy mods to achieve a different look.
I normally prefer the higher side seam, but for a swimsuit top this is perfect and I love it.

I didn’t add elastic to my straps, but if you need the support, I’d definitely advise you doing so, especially if using swim fabric.

5 – Swim, crop band, lowered front

Another swim, but with the crop band this time. I forgot to adjust the side seam on this one, but now I’m glad I did. This way I feel comfortable wearing it both as a swimswuit and as a crop top. 😉

Ohhh I can just see all the possible LBB hacks and mashes in my future… now if only the day had more than 24h!

Anyone have a couple hours to spare and donate?
Pshhhh what am I saying? You’ll be using it to make all the LBBs as well, aren’t you? 😉

Make sure to grab your FREE copy by using the code found in the YouTube video.



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  1. Jeetje jij gaat echt als een trein zeg! Ik zie de ene na de andere geweldige creatie voorbij komen😍! En dan vaak nog meerdere versies van één patroon ook nog, hoe doe je dat toch😉?
    Deze is ook weer super tof🤩

  2. Debs says:

    Love all of these! I’m having trouble deciding on a size. Could you share your measurements and the size you made?

    1. admin says:

      My measurements are:
      upper bust 34″
      full bust 36″
      Underbust 33″
      I made a size 8 with B cup 😉

      1. Debs says:

        Brilliant, thank you!

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