Lively Hack 1

I already wrote about this pattern on the Blog section, but really wanted to give each sew their own little place and spotlight, so I’m keeping this one short and sweet! ?

The blog post can be found HERE.

I hacked the Lively by G+G and am ecstatic with the results!

The mods I made to it were:

  • Colorblocked the front and back panels;
  • Raised the neckline about 2 1/4″;
  • Prolonged the bodice to full top length with the aid of the Posh Top, also from G+G.

That’s it!
Super simple modifications that created a totally different look.

Fabrics used were:

  • Stretch lace;
  • Jacquard knit

Love the combo!

The top is so romantic looking…sweet and dramatic at the same time. Love, love love it!


LIVELY TOP & DRESS – George+Ginger


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