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Mairin – One Piece

I’m so happy to finally have a perfectly fitting one-piece swimsuit!
I have a long torso and 3 sizes difference between bust/waist and hips, so a one-piece anything has always been mission impossible for me. It’s always too big on the top or too tight on the bottom while trying to compress me vertically…

Not anymore.
Nope, never again.

Mairin Swimsuit to the rescue!!!

I just LOVE how this turned out!
The fabric was a  last minute quick grab at the Stoffen Spektakel when I was on my way to the door, I’m SO glad I spotted it before leaving!

The suit is fully lined and has swim cups and a shelf bra. It may sound a bit daunting to make, but it’s quite easy and simple! Just a few extra steps.

I decided to go for the low back with straps. Does this categorize it as a Mullet Swimsuit?  lol
I placed the straps on the lower portion to give it a different flair.

For more details on what options I chose and what adjustments I made, check out my full blog post HERE.



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