Sew a Little Seam


This project made me feel so accomplished! I mean, I made a swimsuit!!

When I started this sewing journey I never imagined I’d be able to make something like this… it felt so out of the realms of reality.

Now that I’ve been sewing for almost 2 years, I  was amazed at how simple it was to make! It’s absolutely not something to be afraid of. I used the serger and sewing machine, but if you don’t have a serger, it’s totally possible to make it with only a sewing machine.

The Mairin Pattern by Sew a Little Seam is AMAZING! It’s so FULL of options, it’s unbelievable! I know Kelly’s patterns are known for having a ton of options, but she absolutely outdid herself on this one.  I mean… check this out:

How fantastic is that? You only need one pattern to make ALL the bathing suits!

For the first one, Samantha chose a Tankini, with the Tie Knot back and Mid waist Boy short.
The fit is spot on and no mods were needed. If I were to make the one piece, I’d have to add length to it due to her trunk girth. So keep that measurement in mind when making yours. 😉


For her next one, she already informed me that she wants a one-piece halter. I tried to convince her she needs ruffles, because… CUTE! But no, the I’m.too.big.for.ruffles.phase is still going on strong. Oh, well…

Now I’m hoping and crossing my fingers for a Women’s Mairin! 😉

MARIN SWIMSUIT – Sew a Little Seam



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