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Manhattan Peplum Girls

Manhattan Peplum & Dress for Girls

Samantha had a very cool event to attend with her school this week, the Kerst Muziekgala 2018, and, of course, wanted something special to wear.

It took her exactly 0.000001 seconds flat to make her choice. She’s not really a girly girl and is not a fan of dresses, so the Manhattan high-low peplum was the perfect option!

To take is a step up and make it more glitz, we chose this blue lurex glitter fabric from Stof-inc.

It turned out so cool!
The options chosen were exactly the same as my high-low peplum, cap sleeves, regular back, and lined bodice.

Since it’s not really cap-sleeves weather and they’d have to walk from the train station to the location I made her a Seville Cropped Cardigan, also by New Horizons (it’s a FREE pattern, btw!).

I know I’m biased, but doesn’t she look adorable? <3
She felt so great in this outfit that she even allowed me to make a bow for her hair! haha

To complete the outfit I made her a pair of leggings – Peg Legs, by Patterns for Pirates (also a FREE pattern!).

This turned out great and believe it or not, I made all three pieces in one evening! #latenightsewingsession

Very blurry picture, but the only one I have of the hair bow and I needed to save it for prosperity! ;P

After she was all ready to go, she looked in the mirror, smiled, gave me a big hug and said: Thanks, Mom! <3<3<3

It really warms my heart that when she wants a new outfit she asks me to make it, instead of asking to go shopping with her friends. She’s 11 and I know that this will probably change, but for now… I’ll enjoy the moment and happily sew the night away every time she needs it!

PEG LEGS – Patterns for Pirates

*Get the Seville for FREE with the code found in the Announcements tab at NH FB group


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  1. florence taylor says:

    stunning, I love it and now I have to make one for the twins

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