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Socks! Going Rogue & Abby’s Trailblazing

Going Rogue & Abby’s Trailblazing

This was a first for me… I made socks!
How fun is that?

Saskia from The Wolf and the Tree just updated and re-released the Going Rogue and Abby’s Trailblazing sock patterns and I was lucky enough to help out with testing.
Both patterns have the same options and construction, the only difference being that Going Rogue is for Adults and Abby’s Trailblazing is for kids.

These patterns are so great, it comes with SO MANY options, socks for all tastes and occasions!

  • 5 different lengths: mini crew, crew, bobby, knee high, over the knee;
  • Lots of different cuff options;
  • Different construction options: Basic, color blocked heel, color blocked toes and toe seam;
  • Available for 4-way and 2-way stretch fabrics.

This one below is the basic sock, mini crew length in a 2-way stretch knit, and banded cuff.

This baby gets sewn in no time at all! So fast and so cute!

This next one has exactly the same options, but it’s in a 4-way stretch.

Samantha loves this one so much that I didn’t have time to snap better photos of it! She started using it right away!

This next one has to be my absolute favorite! A knee-high with toe seams made with rayon knit (viscose tricot for my Dutch visitors 😉 ) and it’s soooooo soft and comfy!

Knee high is perfect for wearing with longer boots or just underneath pants for an extra layer of warmth!

I liked it so much that I made another one, but without toe seam, just the basic sock.

Like I said, the basic option is lighting fast to make! Love that!! ha!

After making the simpler styles I decided to give the heel and toe color blocking a try. Samantha was begging and pleating for a over the knee one, so of course, Mama obliged!

How fun and funky are these?! 😀
I scored some brownie points with Samantha after these!
The heel piece can be a bit finicky to sew, but it’s by no means difficult. You just have to take it slow and be precise. The toe piece is no problem at all!

Mama couldn’t be left without some funky socks, so… twinning for the win! haha!

These are by no means the last socks I’ll be making… it’s so addictive!
They are the perfect stash buster in a very useful, fun and cute way!

So I learned that making socks is super fun and that photographing them is super awkward and way more difficult tha I’d thought! 😛

Samantha’s favorite length is over the knee and she prefers it with heel and toe pieces. My top picks are knee length and toe seam, no heel.
No matter what option, the final thought is that we LOVE our mama made socks! <3



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