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Marbella Tank – leather and lace

I went to the store to buy navy lace to make a Marbella Tank with some fabric I already have. I went a little overboard with the fabric shopping this month, so I went in the shop chanting: “navy lace and nothing else, navy lace and nothing else”.

So, what happened?
If you thought: “Duh, you got navy lace!”, you’re technically correct!
I did get navy lace, and black lace, because it needed to match this awesome leather look knit, that was begging and pleading to go home with me! Aaaaand since I was already in deep, I got me some grey lace as well. lol

I mean… as soon as I saw the fabric I knew that the navy Marbella would have to wait! Leather & Lace needed to happen!

I LOVE the result, and so does my husband! 😀

No mods were needed at all.
The only difficulty I had was that my twin needles didn’t like the fabric and refused to do their work. So I opted for a stretch stitch instead. I actually like the look of it, I think it fit the look.

Now that I saw there’s a  hack for adding a shelf bra to the Marbella, I guess I’ll just have to make a 4th tank… oh, how horrible, isn’t it? haha

You can see the others Marbella Tanks I’ve made HERE and HERE.

MARBELLA TANK – New Horizons Designs

This fabric and lace come from STOF-INC.


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  1. Well damn Liv!!!! You look amazing and now I want to make all the things Leather & Lace!!!!

    1. admin says:

      Haha Thanks!
      I do too, I’m afraid this might be the beginnings of an obsession 😀

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