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Marbella Tank – Chevron

Ever since I made the Valencia Top I’ve wanted to pair it with this chevron lace somehow. Marbella was a perfect choice!

I went with the basic back option and lined only the front of the tank, that way I can wear it underneath my Valencia, but also as a regular top when I choose. 😉

I’m so happy with it!
I do think that no top underneath is a better look, but sometimes I just don’t want to have a naked back, kwim?

I love the height of that armcye! It’s comfortable and it covers/hides the ‘armpit flab’ that I hate! lol

I’m still in the search of a wide enough galloon lace to make the lace back option 1! 😉
You can check out my other Marbella tank HERE.

MARBELLA TANK – New Horizons Designs


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