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Men’s Summit Peak by New Horizons

This is one happy guy!
New Horizons has released the Summit Peak Hoodie for men and he can finally have one as well!

The Summit Peak is hugely popular in this house, and now everyone has one. 😀

I made his zippered hoodie out of a thick scuba, so it’s more of a jacket than a hoodie. It turned out so great that I kinda wish I was making it for myself… lol I have to check if the fabric is still available.

As I’m very familiar with this pattern construction already, it was a breeze to sew this one.

If you’re not familiar with the pattern, its features are:

  • Cowl Hood;
  • Zip up or pullover options;
  • Princess seams with inseam pockets.

The instructions are fantastic and if you get confused about the pocket construction, there’s a great sew along style video to help. 😉

The inseam pocket is my favorite feature of the pattern. It’s so clean looking! Plus, the princess seam makes it possible to get creative and mix and match fabrics and patterns.

He really wants a pullover one now and keeps asking me if I’ve started on it already! 😀 Get in line, buddy! 😛

If you’d like to see some of the other Summit Peak Hoodies I’ve made, click HERE. 😉

MEN’S SUMMIT PEAK HOODIE – New Horizons Designs


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