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Tanacross Cardi – Knee Length

That’s what happened with this project!
When the test for this cardi was announced at the New Horizons Designs FB group I was quick to sign up for it. I mean… a cardi that gives you a hug, awesomeness!

I was fortunate to be selected for the test and was thrilled about it. Printed and assembled the pattern and was ready to put scissors to fabric. Only to realize that I overestimated the amount of fabric I had and it wouldn’t be enough. It was late at night, next day my favorite local shop would be closed and I wouldn’t have enough time to order online. Digging through my stash I found the only fabric that was suitable and I had enough of to make the knee length Tanacross. But it was a lacey knit that I was saving for something else and it had nothing to do with the vision I had in my head for this fantastic cardigan.

Well, got to work with what you got, right? I’m soooooo glad I did!
I freaking LOVE how this turned out! It’s nice and comfy (fabric is super soft), and it can easily be dressed up or down depending on my needs.

The Tanacross Cardi pattern comes in two lengths (hip or knee) and it has a fantastic silhouette. When worn closed you get a lovely and drapey crossover wrap style and when worn open it’s a gorgeous waterfall front.

I paired with leggings and my Leather Look Marbella Tank and high heeled ankle boots,  and it’s perfection! With the cardi closed, I felt classic and well put together and with it open, I felt a bit edgier and hip.  What a difference a button makes, huh? haha

Look at that drape collar!

Tanacross + Marbella, LOVE this combo!

Looks good going away as well! 😛

TANACROSS CARDI – New Horizons Designs



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