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Monroe Wrap Pants

Monroe Wrap Pants – Bella Sunshine Designs

Imagine this: a woven pair of pants that is stylish and versatile, all the while being as comfortable to wear as your favorite PJ bottoms.

If you also need this magic in your life, then the Monroe Wrap Pants is for you! 😀

The pattern comes with different options:

  • Crossed or non-crossed fronts;
  • Capri or Floor length;
  • Full Coverage or Faux High-Low (tulip) hems.

The options I chose to make were: Capri length, Faux High-Low hem and Crossed front.

As some of you already know, I had to take an impromptu trip to Brazil and this was one of the first items I packed. Monroe is very versatile and can be dressed up or down really easily, making it perfect for traveling.

I wore it both for a dinner out and to run errands during the day. Just a matter of switching tops and shoes. 😉

The fabric I used is crepe and I think it has the perfect weight for this pattern.

I must say that when walking in a hurry if the wind catches you on the right spot, they will fly open (ask me how I know lol).

But that’s easily solved… I can either tak the front down or wear them on occasions I know won’t involve extraneous activity. Ha!

I really love the fit of these.
I usually have some trouble with elastic waistbands on pants because of the size difference between my waist and hips.

In this case, I measure a 6 for waist and a 14/16 for hips.
The problem is that a size 14 hip won’t pass through a size 6 waistband and there’s nothing I hate more than having to wiggle my way in and out of a pair of pants (being the queen of “my bladder is full but I’ll just do this one more thing…” that’s a big no no for me!) LOL

I went with a size 10 waistband, size 14 hip and used the size 6 elastic length. Perfection!

Because the fabric is a lighter weight and has a nice drape, I don’t have a lot of extra fabric bunching up at the waist (another pet peeve of mine).

I do want to give a heavier fabric a go though. I think a full length, full coverage one would be amazing for the cold days ahead.

MONROE WRAP PANTS – Bella Sunshine Designs


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  1. Whete did you buy the fabric

    1. admin says:

      Hi! This one comes from Driessen Stoffen 😉

  2. Ooh, I love these. The pattern looks like it would make a great faux (or real!) jumpsuit bottom too!

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