George+Ginger, The Wolf and The Tree

Roller Romper + Cosplay socks

Roller Romper – George+Ginger
Cosplay Socks – The Wolf and the Tree

Kristi is giving us 70s and 80s vibes with this new Roller Romper pattern and I’m here for it!

I never got to wear those in the ’80s (my proportions and RTW don’t really mix) so now I get to fulfill my repressed heart’s desire! haha

This is the ultimate cutesness + comfort summer mix!

The Roller Romper is retro heaven!  Designed with the 80s vibe in mind, the relaxed bodice and booty shorts (accented with a pop of binding) give a flattering silhouette while staying comfortable. 

I don’t know if that makes me weird, but I love sewing binding! There’s something so satisfying about it… To me, this pattern is a huge ball of fun to sew!

Also, no grading necessary! What?!
Just pick a top size, a bottom size and stick them together. HEAVEN!

Mine is a size 8 top and size 18 bottom. Even with that huge size gap it works out perfectly.

This is a mystery knit. It’s a two way and it’s a bit of a cross between swim and Ponte, if anyone has a clue of what it is, feel free to let me know because I kinda love it!

Let’s take a small pause here so I can toot my own horn: how about that stripe matching?? <3

Haha, sorry! Can’t help mentioning it… I always feel like a superhero when it matches perfectly like this! Y’all get it, right?

I love that the shorts are a tiny bit lower on the back. It’s such a flattering detail.

Another great thing about this pattern is how customizable and hack friendly it is. You can play with the straps, modify the neckline, and mash the top and bottom to other G+G patterns. The Roller bodice is a perfect match to the With Love and With Care skirts *hint hint*, and another idea would be to mash the Roller shorts with the NSFW top!

One hack is already available to you when you buy the pattern though. Kristi included instructions for making the Romper as separates!

Gah! I love it!
For the top I used a panel I originally bought for my husband and can’t say he appreciated losing it, but hey… a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? 😛

The shorts are FT and a dream to wear! I’ve been wearing these literally non-stop. I need to make more because they need to go in the laundry at some point. haha

A true ode to the Roller Romper time wouldn’t be complete without some knee socks, am I right?

TWT’s Cosplay Socks to the rescue!

I have chunky legs and RTW knee and thigh high socks NEVER fit me. They either cut off my circulation or roll down because they’re too small/tight.

The Wolf and the Tree has amazing sock patterns and Cosplay isn’t any different. It has a ton of fun options like Mermaid, Shark and Dragon but also more run of the mill options like colorblocking and stripes.

It features a back center seam and it’s also amazing to make those sexy stockings if you use mesh or lace as the material.

To say that I’m in love this outfit is an understatement!
I was dancing to throwback songs around the house all day feeling cute AF and it just made me super happy!

I was also singing along to all the songs, which made my family a bit less happy…LOL (if you look for tonedeaf on the dictionary, you’ll see my photo there!).

And talking about family, the romper is so cute that the I-only-want-store-bought teen begged and pleaded for me to make her one as well! AND she agreed to let me photograph it. This is a serious ode to the pattern! haha

For hers I used a super cute CL from Driessen Stoffen.
How did this girl go from Tween sizes to a size 6/8 mash? Will someone please stop the time for a little bit? Not ready to have grown up kids yet!

This is her favorite style shorts and she has a bunch of rtw ones but stated that these ones are the best and told me that I’m allowed to make her a bunch more! Awwww… isn’t she so nice? 😛

She does look super cute and happy in them, so more CL was ordered and this house just might be taken over by Roller Romper shorts the next upcoming days… 😀

Now I’m off to work on a couple of the afforementioned mashes….

ROLLER ROMPER – George+Ginger
COSPLAY SOCKS – The Wolf and the Tree


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  1. Ik snap je enthousiasme voor beide patronen helemaal en wat heb je ze super mooi genaaid. En dat je een extra dansje doet als de streepjes zo mooi doorlopen kan ik me ook helemaal voorstellen haha. Groot compliment ook van dochterlief als je zomaar wat mag maken en ze dan meteen nog maar een bestelling doet. Veel plezier met dragen, er komen weer tropische dagen aan!

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