Birthday Suit :P


As it’s inevitable, it happened… My birthday rolled around and I’m officially a year older.
That, I’m totally fine with! But having my second birthday during a lockdown, not so amusing.

I never have big parties or gatherings on my birthday, but I do enjoy going away with the family to do something fun. I miss that…

So, just like last year, our “fun” was a family photoshoot. My teens are not a big fan of those, that’s why we have them on my birthday… they can’t deny Mom her little fun, can they? LOL

Naturally, I had to do some special sewing for the occasion and chose 2 favorites: The Paranoid Flannel Shirt and Tie Me Up Belt, both from George+Ginger.

I love this combo and wanted a more classic version of them.
Plus, my original plaid Paranoid found its way to my daughter’s wardrobe and I’m pretty sure it will never find the way back into mine anymore.

I’m in love with this look and if you’re wondering… yes, it’s buttonless! LOL
The buttons I had planned for it didn’t work out. It was one of those things that look good in your mind’s eye, but not in reality. I then decided to go with metal snaps, but I could only find silver and they’d clash with this amazing ocher faux leather that I was set on using for the Tie Me Up.

I was stumped!
So I put it aside while I made the belt. When it was done, I tried it on to see them together and kinda loved the buttonless look! Well, not kinda… I really really love it as is! haha Is that weird?

Now I need to order more of this Ibiza cotton from Driessen and make a proper one with buttons 😛
The belt fabric comes from the Stoffen Outlet Oss, and it’s so GORGEOUS!

Faux leather can be a bit of a pain to sew on a regular domestic machine. I use leather needles and a walking foot. This is the best combination that I found to work with it on my machine.
It’s worth the hassle though. Obi-style belts are my favorite and I love that this pattern allows me to make my own.
You can check out the other ones I made HERE.

If you want to grab any of these patterns, here are the links:


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  1. Abbey says:

    Happy birthday!!! The awesomeness of this belt is not nearly shown as clearly on IG. GORGEOUS!!!! Really loving this classic white shirt sans buttons though. I’m a snaps girl myself though so definitely #teamnobuttons.

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