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Romy Crop & Skirt

Romy Twist Tee & Skirt – Petite Stitchery

Petite Stitchery just released their new Athleisure Collection and wow, it’s so good!

Today I’m talking about Romy.

The Romy Twist Tee & Skirt are the perfect pair! Dress them up or down for trendy looks that will take you from running errands to special occasions in a snap. Plus- both of these pieces are so quick to sew!

This is such a fun and sexy pattern. It gives you that “Pinterest look” and let you feel as comfortable as it’s expected from an athleisure piece.

The best part of this pattern, for me, is that it looks intricate and complicated but in reality, it’s a super easy and fast project to sew. How fantastic is that?


The options available for the Tee are:

  • Lengths: mini crop, modest crop and top;
  • Sleeves: tank, short, 3/4 and long;
  • Neckline: crew or V-neck

I chose to make a mini crop tank with the crew neck in Ponte.
Omg… how cute is this?

This twist detail is so flattering! This is seriously love, y’all.
I’m also loving the Top length my fellow testers made and need to make one asap. It’s such great detail that takes a tee to the next, next level.

Gotta love a versatile piece! Dress it up, dress it down… it’s fantastic 100% of the time.

Since we’re still avoiding going out as much as possible, this new collection is the perfect way for me to be comfy but still feel cute and somehow put together. I mean… I’m all for pj’s all day but when you spend half of your day in a room with a huge mirror on it, it helps to look a bit decent sometimes. 😛

Just beware though… Romy is so cute that it may cause awkward situations! I received *ahem* compliments from the new (hopefully) temp mailman while wearing it. Yeah, it was a bit creepy but that’s a whole different story. 😉


This is such an eyecatcher!

You can choose to make the skirt lined or unlined.
The lining is for when your fabric has a definite right and wrong side. That’s necessary because due to the twist, the wrong side of the fabric gets exposed.

This yellow is where the wrong side of the fabric shows. When it’s just a matter of a difference in shade, like in the case of this one I made, it can be a cute detail/accent. But when using a print, the back side of the fabric is usually not too pretty and that’s when the lining comes in. 😉

You’ll notice a difference length and drape between testers. This has a lot to do with the fabric chosen. Mine is a mystery knit that I bought quite a while ago, I have no clue what it is but let’s say… it’s Ponte-like.

Thiner, more drapey fabrics will give a different look to the skirt. It will stretch more vertically making it longer and will have a softer drape.

I love it both ways, but tend to shy away from wearing thiner fabrics on my bottom half. I ordered some scuba crepe that I think will give me the best of both worlds. It’s a heavierweight than rayon, but has way more drape than ponte or cotton lycra.

I forgot to mention that the skirt has a contoured waistband. I love that detail as I feel it makes for a more flattering shape.

Life has been kinda hectic with 2 teenagers at home all the time during summer vacation and my sewing schedule has been suffering… (and somehow the wine intake has been increasing ;P ), but the next Romy’s on the list are a Top Length Tee and a skirt made with fabric with more drape.

Fingers crossed I managed to get to them as soon as my fabrics arrive!

What about you?
What do you think of this style? What will be your first choice?

ROMY TWIST TEE & SKIRT – Petite Stitchery


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