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Slow Sunday on a Tuesday

Slow Sunday Top and Dress – Ellie and Mac

Ellie and Mac’s new release is a definite summer staple, it comes with plenty of options to keep you busy and your wardrobe full. 😉

The options available are:

  • 3 necklines: high scoop, midi scoop, and V-neck;
  • Sleeves: tank, short, 3/4 and long;
  • Top or dress (full or half swing);
  • Racerback option (wide or narrow);
  • optional shelf bra instructions.

Even though I really like dresses I’m a jean/legging kinda girl on a daily basis, so I stuck with the top options on this one.

Racerbacks are one of my favorite styles and I love that this top is a bit flared at the bottom. It makes it easy to accommodate my extra quarantine pounds haha.

I used different fabric bases for them and they all worked great with the pattern.

you get no makeup Livia with this one! lol

This one is a bit of a mystery knit. I repurposed an old rtw dress to make it and think the print works way better as a top.

This is the V-neck. It’s a bit lower cut than the scoop options and not an extremely angular V, which I like very much.

I don’t have a photo of the back of this one because I made it during early testing and the back changed up a bit after this one.

Sewing a perfect V-neck is always super satisfying, isn’t it? 😀

I love this fabric (viscose tricot) and was so stoked when I found that I had enough scraps to make a top!

Options I used for this one were: narrow racerback, V-neck and shelf bra.

I know… you can’t see the V.
I decided to bind the armscye and did the neckline by mistake.
This is what happens when you sew late at night after having a couple of glasses of wine LOL

The back panel has a center seam for shaping, like a build in sway back adjustement. You can always cut it on the fold to eliminate it, if that’s your preference.

This is another fabric that I managed to dig out of my scraps bin (ok, it’s more like a huge garbage bag, but bin sounds nicer :P).

It’s a stretch velvet and I chose the mid scoop neckline, wider racerback and no shelf bra for this one.

When summer really arrives, this will be too warm to wear but for now, it’s perfect. And when Fall rolls around it will be super cute under a denim jacket!

This has to be my favorite one. I think this panel is so cute!
My teens disagree with me 100%, but what do they know? 😛

Fabric is CL and the options chosen were: high scoop, narrow back and shelf bra.

This one looks a bit wider than the white floral one because it has bands instead of binding. Here’s a comparison of the different necklines and backs that I’ve made.

I think V-neck and Narrow Racer with Binding is my favorite combo.
Of course, I’d choose the ones with more steps to it… oh well, totally worth the extra hassle (not that it’s difficult, I’m just in a whiny mood I guess 😉 ).

Check out the other testers makes for some super cute dresses and tees, and if you feel like incorporating some Slow Sundays into your daily life, here’s the pattern link for ya:

SLOW SUNDAY TOP & DRESS – Ellie and Mac Patterns


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