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#203 Ladies Sport Skort – Thread Faction

Why aren’t they more popular/common?
They’re so frigging awesome! The cuteness of a skirt with the practicality and security of shorts.

The best of both worlds!

The #203 Ladies Sport Skort from Thread Faction is the perfect example of it.

I’m not a big fan of wearing leggings or sports shorts with tank tops because I’m too self-conscious about my bum, so I tend to pair them with long shirts that cover it.

With leggings that isn’t an issue, but with shorts it’s a bit weird because most of the times the shirt will hide them and it ends up looking like I’m not wearing bottoms…

The #203 is the perfect solution!

The pattern comes with different skirt options:

  • straight;
  • pleated;
  • flounce.

You can also mix and match them, have a straight front with a pleated back, for example.

The skort also features an optional zippered pocket on the back yoke, a super handy dandy detail.

Other features are:

  • elastic waistband;
  • shorts have no side seams;
  • two inseam lengths.

I made the straight skirt (front and back) with the longer inseam shorts.
I’m seriously in love with this!

If I’m being honest, sports are not really a constant occurrence in my life (#shameonme), but will definitely be wearing this quite often during summer. It’s perfect for days at the lake with the kids!

#203 LADIES SPORTS SKORT – Thread Faction


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