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Start Stuck Bodice – George+Ginger

It’s been a minute since I’ve last blogged.
Life has been a bit crazy and keeping me away from it, but I just had to come here and share this one with you guys.

Kristi from George+Ginger just knocked it out of the park with this new design. It’s such a unique design, different from anything else out there.

So, is Star Struck a top? It could be!
It’s an add-on bodice to the much-loved Mix It Up dress, making the dress options even more amazing!

This has been an amazing testing experience. Kristi put so much blood, sweat and tears on this one. It’s truly a labor of love, y’all!

(I know I’ll get questions about the pants I’m wearing, so I’ll quietly whisper it here… *it’s an upcoming G+G pattern*, but shhhhhhhhhhh.) 😉

Both of the Star Strucks I’m showing you today are top lengths. To achieve it I simply shortened the bodycon skirt of the Mix It Up to the length I wanted.

This is a fun one to make and not nearly as complicated as one might think. Construction is pretty straightforward and instructions are great.

The bodice and waistband are fully lined, which is great to give extra support. As a member of the IBTC, I don’t have a lot of need for support, but from what I’ve seen from the other testers that was not a real issue for all different cup sizes.

Not into the star look? Just omit the cross straps and you have a whole different look! (Keep an eye out for my next post) 😉



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