Ellie and Mac

Be the Leader – Mommy&Me

I’ve already posted both tops individually in my Portfolio page, you can check them out HERE and HERE, but we love our matching tops so much and had so much fun taking Mommy & Me photos that it deserves its own post 😉

It makes my heart happy that she still enjoys matching outfits with her Mama, even though she’s already big enough to wear women’s sizes 😀

This is an unexpected bonus I’ve had since I started sewing and pattern testing… I’m building up quite an album of pictures of my kids and me. Taking the time to take nicer photos together wasn’t something that happened as often anymore, and now we found back the fun in doing it! 🙂

And talking about fun:

I love being silly with this girl! She’s awesome! <3

BE THE LEADER TOP – Ellie and Mac

Oh, before I go I’ll leave you with this little gem:



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