Turmeric Litore :D

Litore Tunic and Dress – Sofilantjes

Another Litore maxi dress!

This one was actually my test version and it was amazing right from the get-go.

I sometimes buy fabrics that are going cheap and may not be the greatest quality or have some defect for making muslins. In those cases, color and prints aren’t really important.

For this dress, I used a butter-soft knit with great quality, but it had some sun discoloration and the color was a bit blah, but I loved the end result so much. The fit of the dress was perfect and the fabric felt amazing on the body!

I just had to try to rescue it and make it wearable.
Turmeric (kurkuma) to the rescue!

I gave the dress a turmeric bath (turmeric + hot water + salt) and couldn’t be happier with the result!

I used a big plastic bin and left the dress immersed for approximately 3 hours. As you can see on the third photo, the fabric doesn’t complete submerse, so I stirred it a few times in intervals. The final result has a bit of a tie-dye effect that I really like.

The kurkuma bath took the dress to another level and fed into my yellow obsession. 😉 Score!

The only problem was that I did the dyeing in the bathroom and the family did not appreciate the turmeric smell in there. lol

The dress is exactly the same model as the Litore I previously posted.

Now I have to make one for my daughter because “It’s not fair that you have 2 and I have none, Mom!” 😛



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  1. Wow! Great style, suits your figure perfectly, and that colour is amazing.

  2. WOW! That is positively gorgeous!

    1. admin says:

      Thank you so much, Lia!

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