Toby K.

Yorkshire Pullover

I finally came across a pattern that my husband actually wanted to have me sew for him!

There aren’t that many men’s patterns out there and the few that I had the opportunity to test/buy he always was “meh” about it. When I showed him the drawing for the Yorkshire Cardigan and Pullover by Toby K patterns he immediately said yes!

The choice between cardigan or pullover was simple… I haven’t been able to convince him to wear a cardigan, YET! 🙂

Next step was finding the right fabric… let me tell you, this man is picky! lol
The winning choice was this bordeaux french terry from Driessen Stoffen.

This was my first Toby K pattern and will definitely not be my last! Such a great fit!
It was my first time making a shawl collar and even though it was a bit finicky, and required me to work slowly and methodically, it was completely doable and I’m happy to say that it only took one try! 🙂

Very happy with and proud of this one!

Now I just have to convince him that Cardigans are awesome! 🙂

While we were taking photos, Miss Marple decided she was feeling neglected and wanted to model as well! 🙂





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  1. I’m so happy I saw this. I’ve been wanting make my husband one like this.

    1. admin says:

      My husband loves this pullover!
      It was the first thing he actually wanted me to make for him 😉

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