1 Tie Me Up, 2 Outfits

Tie Me Up Belt
Lollapalooza Top
With Love Dress

The Basic option of Tie Me Up took me completely by surprise.
When I first saw the pattern I loved all the choices, but really went gaga over the Asymmetric and the Wide options.

After making this basic with thing tie I immediately knew it would be the one that I’d be wearing the most.

I’m not even kidding when I say that I’m planning on having one in every possible color. They just go with everything!

Case in point: I couldn’t choose only one outfit for this one! 😉

My previous post already showed how the Lollapalooza Top is made to be paired with Tie Me Up, so this was an easy choice.

Lolla top with a pair of jean shorts is taken to another level with the belt, it just gives the look an extra oomph and I’m here for it!

That’s also very true for the With Love Dress.

The With Love dress is a great, quick and easy sew.
I made this one off the shoulder by cutting two fronts, and made the skirt slightly high-low.

I sewed these 2 pieces last summer and I love how the belt breathes new life into them, it almost feels like I have a brand new outfit to wear.

You can find the patterns on the links below:

Tie Me Up Belt
Lollapalooza Top
With Love Dress


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  1. Ze zijn prachtig geworden!! Mooi gedaan. En het staat jou geweldig. Je hebt daar echt het figuur voor!

    Jij ben ook altijd bezig niet? Ik kan ook niet stil zitten!!

    Groetjes Thea♥

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