Tie Me Up + Lolla-Bonna Dress

Tie Me Up
Lollapalooza Top
Bonnaroo Skirt

This dress is one of my favorite mashes that I’ve ever made ( You can read about how I mashed the Lollapalooza Top and the Bonnaroo Skirt HERE.)

I lived in it last summer!

I’ve been on a weight loss journey since then and after dropping about 65lbs it’s now a bit too loose for me. Enter: the Tie Me Up belt!

The Corset option in black faux leather was the perfect option to cinch the dress at the waist and allow me to get further wear out of it without having to re-cut and reshape it.

One more reason for me to love the Tie Me Up!! Woot!

There’s some extra fabric on the top, but with the corset it’s a look and I love it!

This pair gives me a bit of a pirate-y feel and I love that too! haha

This is the corset option with belt loops, now I’m dying to make one with eyelets. I just have to get over my fear of them… and convince my husband to either buy me a press or hammer the things for me! 😛



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