2019 Fall Collection

2019 Fall Collection – George+Ginger

G+G’s Fall Collection has been released and I’m here for it.
This collection has something for everyone and everything in between. It has so many facets, it can be made into any style you want: romantic, classic, edgy, trendy… The sky is the limit!

Life has been messy and I haven’t been able to be on top of things the way I’d like to so, for now, all I have is this overview post. I’ll be blogging about each pattern individually soon.

The Collection consists of 3 patterns:


Campfire is a fantastic set.
It’s a great layering piece that comes with multiple options:

  • Jumpsuit (pant and capri)
  • Jumper
  • Pants (pant and capri)

I love the jumpsuit option… it’s probably my favorite.
Here I’m wearing a cami underneath, so there’s no side peekaboo.

The Jumper is also super cute!
I said that Campfire is a layering piece, but it can also be worn as a single piece if you choose to. I’m wearing a regular bra with it and don’t mind the side peekaboo at all.

I’ve also made the pants, but here I need to make an observation: I modified the waistband on these to have it be more high waisted. It’s been a while, but I pretty much doubled the height of it.


The October Dress is just stunning!
We all know how big of an off the shoulder fan I am. So when I say I LOVE this one it won’t come off as a surprise, right? lol

The pattern comes with the options

  • Top
  • Dress
  • Cloak
  • Short, 3/4 and long sleeves.

The Cloak option is the showstopper for sure.
I made it out of lace and feel amazing wearing it. I paired it with a tube top and leggings for a not-so-naked look. 😉

I had to, of course, make a top as well. As much as I love this statement piece, the top is more my daily life vibe.

You can choose to wear the cowl/band piece in multiple ways: scrunched up, straight down or above the shoulders as a cowl.

I haven’t made a dress yet, but I’m most certainly going to! 😀


Last but definitely not least… we have the Extra Top.

Extra is right!
This one is packed with options:

  • 2 lengths: Crop and Full
  • 4 necklines: Basic, Scoop, V-neck and Turtleneck
  • 3 sleeves: Short Gathered, 3/4 basic, long basic
  • Various accents: Cascade, Basic, Bow and Flower.

How fantastic is that?!

I want to make all the options, but as adulting must be done I started my collection with two tops.

This first one is a Crop top with Scoop neck, 3/4 basic sleeves and basic accent. This crop is shorter than your regular crop top because it was made to be paired with the Campfire and still have that tiny peekaboo on the side. Cute!

Here it is paired with the Campfire jumpsuit, jumper and pants:

The other top I made was Full length, Scoop neck, 3/4 sleeves with a bow accent.

It’s so freaking cute!

Paired with the Campfire Jumpsuit and Pants:
(I think this one I prefer to wear it as a stand-alone top, what do you think?)

Isn’t this Fall Collection amazing?
What pattern do you like best? I can’t choose.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Wow! They are all stunning! You look great!
    I was wondering about the bow on the extra top: if you are bending over, does it stay put? Is it loose, or sewn to the front panel?

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