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Giverney Blazer + Double Take Tank – Winter Wear Designs

Fall is here and when it comes to getting dressed for this season, layering is key. A good blazer is a great piece to have in the wardrobe, it can be dressed up or down very easily and no matter what you pair it with, you always look put together when wearing one.

WWD has some awesome blazer patterns: Champs Elysee, Phresh Blazer, and the Giverney. It was tough choosing one!

My day to day life is pretty informal, and that reflects the way I dress. I’m pretty laid back and casual (unless I’m feeling extra on any particular day ha!)… so I ended up picking the Giverney, the more traditional blazer-look and decided to use a funky fabric to give it a “twist”.

The pattern is easy to sew, and I thoroughly enjoyed sewing it. It has a Honk Kong finish (seams are finished with bias tape) and it looks gorgeous on the inside as well… unfortunately, I was a dodo and forgot to photograph it.

Giverney has multiple options so you can personalize it to your heart’s content. I kept mine simple, making the straight 3/4 sleeve without any extras.

The only alteration I’ve made is to add extra length to the sleeves. I eyed balled it, but I’d say it was about 3 inches. I also decided not to add a button.

One observation I have to make about the pattern is that since it’s an older WWD pattern, it doesn’t have the layer function. It’s not a deal-breaker though… it’s not a jumble of lines and it doesn’t have a million pages. It’s pretty easy to follow and cut your desired size.

I love it! It’s one of those pieces that can be worn all year round, depending on pairing and styling.

And talking about pairing… This was the perfect opportunity for me to cross a hack project that has been on my list for a long time. I finally got around to making a Double Take Tank dress!

The Double Take Tank is a tried and true pattern that I love (I’ve blogged about it before, you can check it out HERE)! It’s a racerback woven top, quick and easy to sew with great results every time.

All I did was add length to it between waist and hemline. Easy as pie!
The fabric I used was this mystery woven that has been in my stash since forever. I have no idea or what it’s called or the fiber contents… it’s lightweight and it’s a bit velvety to the touch.

Easy to dress it up or down as well, but since I’ve made it pretty short I’ll probably only going to wear this one paired with tights. 😉

This is such a cute dress! My daughter tried to steal it from me but luckily it’s too big for her! haha.

I LOVE how the two pieces look together!

Both pieces are great on their own, but they’re really meant to be together don’t you think? <3

Realistically speaking the blazer + jeans will probably be the most worn combo because as I said, casual girl here. But the complete outfit is definitely my favorite!

I’m slowly but surely sewing my way through all Suzanne’s amazing jackets and coats and loving every bit of the process.
Hmmm… which one should be next?
A new to me, like the Phresh blazer, or an already loved one in an option I haven’t sewn yet, like the Provence coat in sport length?

Links – in case you’re interested in the patterns:


*these are affiliate links

Well, that’s it from me today! 😉

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