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I was never a huge fan of wearing a vest… until now!

One of my favorite things about G+G is the range of designs Kristi offers, from basics to runway-inspired looks and everything in between.

The Verve Vest has instantly become a fall staple in my everyday wear. It’s been absolute perfection for the “not cold but also not warm days” we’ve been having lately.

The Verve Vest is a must-have layering piece–perfect for fall!  Choose from cropped, regular or tunic lengths/regular or scooped armscyes/basic, v-neck, turtleneck, cowl neck or hood options.  Plus, optional hidden or visible welt pockets!

The options are great and allow us to make so many different style vests. Preppy, trendy, sporty… oh the possibilities! 😀

Let me show you the ones I’ve made so far!


This one is so great and multifunctional.
The armscye and crop length make it the perfect layering piece, but also the cutest top.

I paired it with my double gauze Paranoid and love the look!

Oh, and I have a question! How do you fold your turtleneck?

To the outside or to the inside? I 100% learned about the second on from TikTok lol


I’m head over heels in love with the scoop armscye option!
It’s such a cool twist on a regular vest.

I’ve paired this one with my favorite Rave Shirt that I made with the Grunge Collection and also with a regular RTW boxy t-shirt.

I’ve been wearing this one non-stop and pairing it with my 40K Sway Top. I just couldn’t find the top in my very messy *ahem* slightly disorganized wardrobe in time for the photo taking LOL

Now, let’s talk pockets!
This pattern features welt pockets that can be added to the outside or the inside of the vest. For obvious reasons, the inside pockets will only work (aka be accessible) with the scoop armscye option.

I love the hidden pocket idea and just had to give it a go.

I know that many of you hear Welt Pocket and feel the urge to run for the hills, but there’s no need for that! They’re not difficult, just take some extra steps. And the results will have you feeling like a super sewist! haha They’re so pretty!

Ok, now for the sneaky hack I mentioned above.

I love a good cowl neck, it’s just the coziest! But, I also like versatility. 😉
This hack is pretty much the norm for me whenever I make any garment that has a cozy cowl neck like this one.

I make it a separate piece so I can wear the top with or without it.

I simply used the cowl neckline and trimmed about an inch off of it so I could add a band and have it comfortably sit at the base of my neck.

For the Cowl piece you can just sew it as per pattern and finish the bottom edge with your preferred method. I was lazy and just finished it with the serger because the bottom doesn’t show when wearing it.


As soon as I made that first crop I new I had to make another one, but this time with the V-neck option for a more traditional vest look.

So cute and all the Clueless vibes! 😀

I think this one will be primarily worn with the Paranoid. Kinda enjoying the “rebel preppy” vibe of the outfit haha

If you’re wondering… Yes, I have no buttons on this Paranoid, and yes it’s on purpose! 😀


The moment I laid my eyes on the pattern line drawings I knew I was going to make this exact dress version and my mind’s eye did not disappoint!

It turned out exactly how I hoped it would and I LOVE it!

I didn’t do the separate cowl on this one because this fabric screams fall/winter and I don’t think that for these seasons the dress will have the same charm with the simple high crew neck. But you better believe I’ll be making scoop and v-neck ones for summer and spring as well and pair them with tank tops! <3

Writing about this pattern has gotten me all hot and bothered to go sew another one right away. I’m off to raid my stash. I’m thinking another dress is in order, don’t you? 😉

VERVE VEST – George+Ginger


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