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A bom dia in a Bomdia!

Bomdia Dress – Greenstyle patterns

Bom dia means good morning or good day, in Portuguese.

That really describes the vibe of the newest Greenstyle release, the Bomdia dress.

This is one of those magic dresses that looks amazing on everyone and makes everyone look amazing.

It features adjustable rushing on both sides that allows your to play with the length and adjust it accordingly to your mood and/or occasion.

It comes with a few different neckline and sleeve options:

  • high crew, tank or scoop
  • Tank, sleeveless or sleeves

The pattern is designed for any dress weight knit. Just keep in mind that different fabrics will give you different results.

I made 2 dresses so far and plan on making more!

1 – Cotton Lycra, tank

This is a 200gsm cotton Lycra with good stretch and recovery. Not custom good, but good! 😉

It was perfect for this dress. It holds the shape perfectly, and it’s not super tight.

One thing I absolutely love about this dress is the versatility of it.

Dress it up or down, wear it long or short… it will look great either way!

Making a white dress and photographing it by my white wall wasn’t that great of an idea, but if there isn’t a white wall behind me… did I even sew it? 😂

2 – Cotton/Poli Jersey, tank

I got this fabric from the pre-cuts table at the local shop, so I’m not really sure to what it is. It’s really stretchy and has a decent recovery.

This one feels a bit looser than the white one. The amount of stretch and recovery will make your dress tighter or a bit more relaxes. If you use athletic knit, for example, the dress will be a lot more snug and form fitting.

It even got an spontaneous compliment from the boy that never notices these things! “You look nice, mom! That’s a pretty dress”. And got the seal of approval from the picky girl.

I call that a winner 😄

No matter what fabric base you use or how you choose to style if, I’m pretty sure you’ll feel like a million bucks wearing it! At least that’s been my experience with it.

BOMDIA DRESS – Greenstyle Creations



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