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Lift Leggings and Cami Tank

Lift Leggings & Cami Tank – Greenstyle Creations

Greenstyle’s newest releases are fire! An amazing Cami and the famous Lift leggings made so popular on TikTok and Instagram.

Even though I usually tend to try and hide and camouflage my behind, I’ve been really curious about these leggings. They look like magic, don’t they? But every time I got tempted to order one I reminded myself that RTW bottoms and I don’t get along. So when Angelyn announced these, I jumped on the chance to give them a go.

So let’s check these new patterns, shall we?

I know there are a lot of cami patterns out there, but not all are created equal. I really like this one!

The pattern comes with multiple options:

  • 3 bodice lengths – crop, waist and hip
  • thin or wide straps (binding)
  • optional shelf bra
  • optional cup liner
  • Extra pattern pieces with FBA included
  • 3 strap placement options

These are magic, make-your-bum-look-great-leggings!

Pattern features:

  • Scrunched back center seam with two cut lines (one for a more accentuated fit)
  • No side seams
  • High or Mid-rise waistband with a flattering V shape on the back
  • 3 lengths – shorts, capri and full

I usually try to be as diverse as possible when choosing options, but these 2 sets are exactly the same because I just loved it so much! 😀

  • CAMI – crop option with wide straps
  • LIFT – full length, high-waisted, accentuated curve, double elastic for extra scrunch.

This is a good example of how fabric choice plays a big part in your finished product. The red set is made with a textured mystery knit that and the other one is an athletic knit.

The red one has more vertical stretch and that’s why I have more coverage on my midriff. Also, because that fabric is heavier and more stable, I feel it contains my booty more and helps with the shaping.

I love both leggings but definitely prefer the more stable fabric.
The textured fabric also helps with the look of this pattern. I really wish I could get my hands on some of the amazing honeycomb fabric everyone is using.

I used double elastic for extra scrunch as directed on the pattern, but my behind just stretched it almost completely. I’m not mad at it though… they sure make our backside look good! LOL

I also made camis to match the Simpaticos I made a little while ago.

Between the Simpaticos and the Lift, I’m in leggings heaven.
I have a tendency to stick to black leggings because its more subdued and “flattering”, but I have been working on body acceptance and self-steem and I guess wearing fun look at me leggings is a part of the process. 🙂

That being said… black is still my go to on a daily basis, so a cami to pair with it as well! 😛

Hip length, using FOE instead of fabric binding

I did add some variation on the straps placement and tried one of each. It’s an easy and fun way to give the tanks a different look.

If you’re looking for some awesome athleisure wear or workout gear that will have you feeling like a bombshell, I highly recommend the Cami and the Lift. And if you want some perfect leggings for daily wear, you can’t go wrong with Simpaticos.



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