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Every day’s a weekend

Every day‘s a weekend – Pattern Emporium

Easy breezy summer.

That’s what it comes to mind when I think of this dress…. for now. I’m pretty sure that in a few months it will be the perfect cozy fall dress.

The new Pattern Emporium release is a great year-rounder.

Plenty options!

Full disclosure: I expected this dress to not suit me at all. This style never looked good one me, my shape always made it look like a circus tent, kwim?

Why did I put my hand up to make it, then? Well… I knew that if there was anyone who could change my view on it, it would be Kate. And so she did!

The problem isn’t the style, it’s the fit. I was used with RTW ones… once you get it to fit your body, it’s a whole different story.

So I braced myself for all that gathering and made 3 dresses.

1 – Color blocked

  • Size 12
  • tapered bodice tall minus 1”
  • Midi neckline
  • short sleeves
  • Knee length skirt tall
  • Pockets!
  • Fabric: jersey pique

So cute!

2 – Simple and subdued

  • Size 12
  • Relaxed bodice tall
  • Low scoop neckline
  • Short sleeves
  • Midi length skirt regular
  • Cotton jersey

Love the simplicity of this one. Perfect for easy days, but also for “I have a million things to do” ones. 😄

3 – Placket Hack

  • Size 12
  • Tapered bodice tall -1”
  • Midi scoop neckline
  • short sleeves
  • Knee length skirt tall
  • Mystery knit
  • Added faux placket to the front

So, let’s talk about this little hack! It’s such an easy thing to add to the dress and it adds an extra layer of cute, doesn’t it?

Here’s how to do it:


  • Sew your dress as per pattern, minus the bottom hem.
  • Decide how wide you want the placket to be (mine is 1.5”).
  • Double that amount and add seam allowance. That will be the width of your placket pattern piece. Mine was 3 1/4”.
  • The length of the piece will be the length of the front of your dress plus about an inch.


  • Fold your placket piece length wise, right sides together, and stitch it forming a long tube
  • Turn it right side out and give it a press.
  • Find the center of your dress and align the bottom edge of the placket to the unhemmed edge of the skirt.
  • Pin it in place all the way up to the neckline. You’ll have a bit extra placket on the top.
  • Fold that extra bit to the inside of the neckline. I find that it give it a bit more of a realistic look that way
  • Topstitch on both sides to secure it in place, add buttons, hem your dress and voilà! Cute addition to your dress is done!


  • Wonder tape or wash away double sided tape is a great tool to help getting that placket to stay in place and straight when sewing!

If you have any questions, feel free to give me a shout! 😉




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  1. Hello! I’m from the PE pattern test group – new this round. Thanks for the great tip on the placket. I look forward to learning more from your blog. I host a fun sewing challenge that you might want to join each month. You def sew lots!!!
    Lou Sheffer @sewmuchtodesign
    Where can I find you on Instagram

    1. admin says:

      Hi there!
      Yay! The PE testing group is so fantastic <3
      Sewing challenge sounds super fun, is it run on your blog or FB?
      My Instagram is @livia.jy 😉

      1. Lou sheffer says:

        Hi. The sewing challenge is run through Instagram.
        Details in my feed @sewmuchtodesign
        The hashtag is

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