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Aries + Megara

Aries Compression Bra and Megara Running Tights and Skirt – Petite Stitchery & Co

I make them so you can avoid them 😉

Today the lesson is: Pay attention and properly follow the fabric suggestions and requirements stated on the pattern.

I’ve been eyeing the Aries and Megara patterns ever since their release. I love the high band of the legging and the lines of the bra.

Megara has so many fun options!

I decided to order a Ponte Jersey for it.
It’s not your traditional sportswear fabric but I wanted this to be more of a lounge-in set.

When the fabric arrived I was in love! So pretty and so soft! I was reaaaaally looking forward to wearing it. BUT… it was only 2-way stretch. It has a ton of horizontal stretch, but only mechanical stretch vertically.

The patterns ask for 4way stretch with at least 50% stretch.
I know, I know… I should’ve known better, but decided to be stubborn and make it anyways. (facepalm)

Patterns are quick and easy to make and sew up like a dream. It all looked great! Until I tried them on and it became apparent how important that vertical stretch is. LOL

I couldn’t get the leggings to reach my waist and even though the bra fit, it became sexier than I intended it to 😛

The set fit my daughter perfectly, so it wasn’t a total loss. 😉
But to give you an idea of how important fabric recommendations are, the leggings I’ve made are waist M and hip XL. My daughter wears an S.

Lucky her and lesson learned for me! <3

She didn’t mind my mistake at all!
Is it me, or does she look like she’s gloating on the photo? LOL I guess I have to order proper fabric asap so I can stop being jealous of her set! ;P

Here’s the highest proof of teen approval 😀 :



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