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LAB Lounger – Petite Stitchery & Co

Ok, hear me out… 😛

When Ashley posted the tester call for these I was super conflicted.
I’ve always been curious and drawn to this style but was too scared to give it a go. I mean… a big booty with some droopy bottoms can not be a good combo, right?

Well, she convinced me to give it a go. I love her and her designs, so it was the perfect opportunity to get this style out of my system.

Then the unexpected happened!

If comfort is key for your wardrobe, you can’t go wrong with the Loll About Lounger. The “LAB” Lounger can be dressed up or down and is so cozy you’ll need a million!

This is, hands down, the MOST COMFORTABLE thing I’ve ever worn. No doubt about it.

And, honestly, I think it looks pretty cool too! 😉
My kids burst out laughing when they saw me in it though… so there’s that. haha

My son said I looked ridiculous and my daughter wholeheartedly agreed. Then 10 minutes later she came up to me and said: Mom, I know I laughed and said you looked weird, but… Can you pleeeeaaaase make me one too?

Teenagers… go figure! haha

The pattern comes with a few options:

  • Scoop or V-neck
  • Tank or Dolman Sleeves (short and long)
  • Optional pockets
  • Optional footie cuffs for maximum comfort
  • lower or higher crotch drop

As it was mentioned above, the lounger can also be dressed up.
I know I’ve mentioned it before, but trendy and comfy is one of the best combinations ever!

This is such an easy and fast sew! You can get comfy in a matter of minutes!

I won’t lie… I’ve been pretty much wearing this non-stop. I wear other clothes when it’s in the wash and as soon as it’s dry I put it on again.

I really need a bunch more of it. I just have to get my tush in gear and find my sewjo to actually make them.

Samantha demands that the next one be for her, but what do you think? Should I make her wait for laughing at it in the first place? 😛

LAB LOUNGER – Petite Stitchery & CO


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